The Cricketers Inn

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The Cricketers Inn photo gallery

Previous pub signs

this portrait has "W G Grace“

painted on the  sleeve



early 1900s postcard

early 1900s postcard



1950s postcard

Landlord Lous Stanford behind the bar in the 1960s



the front bar in the 1960s

in the 1980s



Front bar in the 1990s

Front bar in the 1990s






Mike Connell’s painting hanging in the bar dated 2013


Dave & Jean Nurton in the 1990s

John & Jenice Howe in 2013









Images from 2015 on











A brief history of Cricketers Inn

On the 1820s Tithe map the property is identified only as a carpenters shop.

It was first named as the “Cricketers Inn” on the 1870 Ordinance Survey map.

It is said that early in the 1800s two sisters opened their cottage to give refreshments to the cricketers returning from the cricket pitch in The Park along the track just opposite. This could have been the start of an “unlicensed” but legal Alehouse, one of five in the village in the early days. References to court cases relating to Goldhanger alehouse and beerhouses in the Essex Records Office first start in 1576, although addresses were not given.

The first record of Caleb Chaplin residing at the property is in 1854.

The business was developed as an alehouse and inn by Caleb Chaplin, a  baker who lived next door (now called Elms bakery), and he applied for the first full spirit licence in August 1869...


The Tithe map and Awards of 1838 shows he owned both the bakery and Cricketers Inn in that year.



...he was also captain of the cricket team in 1869


However, in 1870 both premises were put up for sale...

...but by 1872 the landlord was applying for permission to stay open for the Regatta.

The Cricketers and landlord Henry Walden were in the news in 1888 when two men from Writtle were arrested for theft, but they escaped while being transport to Witham.



In 1899 an application was made to the courts to close down the Cricketers and two unnamed beerhouses. The application for the Cricketers was deferred.


Apparently Caleb took a job as the baker at Chelmsford prison, where he worked for the next 30 years.

His son, also called Caleb and who was born at The Cricketers in 1867, spent 27 years in the Merchant Navy, but was killed in 1917 while he was the first mate on S.S. Newstead that was torpedoed by a U-boat in the Atlantic. His name is on the Chelmsford Civic Centre War Memorial.

The Chelmsford War Memorial website recalls both their lives and records that Caleb Chaplin senior had participated in the Australian gold rush in the 1860s!


An obituary from the

Essex Newsman of 1908


From the 1800s until the first half of the 1900s the Cricketers benefited from having a wheelwrights next door and the blacksmiths opposite, so customers could take refreshments in the inn while their carriages and wagon wheels were being repaired and their horses were being re-shod.


These views show the inn during the early 1900s with the old inn sign clearly visible, and the wheelwrights barn next door. The full postcards are shown at the top of this page.


The Great War

In February 1918 Second Lieutenant Frederick Augustus Crowley from the Gardeners Farm Flight Station crashed in his Sopwith Camel in the field next to the Cricketers. His picture is displayed in the Inn.

Frederick is buried in military grave in St Peter's Church and his name is on the Goldhanger War Memorial.

World War-2

During an air raid in 1942 a German bomber passing over the village was caught in the beam of a searchlight based in The Park. The bomber's gunner fired his cannon towards the searchlight and one of his bullets went through the roof of the Cricketers Inn, and ending up imbedded in a landlord's chest-of-drawers in the bedroom.

James Lane, the Landlord in 1937, or maybe his son of the same name, is known to have served in the forces in WW-2.



Recorded Cricketers Landlords





Caleb Chaplin (also the baker)

Trade directories & newspapers


John Lomax

Kelly's & post offfice


Edward Green

Kelly's& post offfice


Frank Wadham



Samuel & Sarah Clarke

Kelly's & Census


Henry & Eleanor Walden



Henry J Walden

Census (also horseman)


Reginald Sterling Williams



Donald McRae



James A Lane



Jim Hinchclif




Local knowledge



Local knowledge


Lous Stanford



Mary Stanford

Parish magazine


Dave & Jean Nurton

Parish magazine


Steve Williams

Parish magazine


John & Jenice Howe

Parish magazine


John Paul Ingui

Parish magazine


Vince & Diane

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