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Goldhanger is a small and ancient village in Essex with a long history

located on the north bank of the Blackwater Estuary three miles east of Maldon

Early postcards & photos

 Name of the village

 Descriptions of the Village

A large selection of street scenes, estuary scenes and Church scenes from early postcards.

The name of the village, the streets, the houses and farms have had many variants of names over the centuries.

Words from the past that convey life in the village life, mainly from magazines and newspapers,etc.

+ family and group photos,  and more

Street names           House & farm names

 recent addition:   The 1906 properties sale


St Peters Church

The Village School

The Chequers Inn

The history and features on an interactive plan view, and in date order from 400AD.

The school has a long and varied history, with a first mention in 1602, and has always been at the centre of village life.

This 500 year old well known inn at the centre of village has a fascinating tale to tell. and also the...

+  The Tower, The Bells & Ellacombe Chimes

Cricketers Inn photos & history


 Characters from the past

 Art from the Past

Goldhanger Lost

Portraits of locals who have left a mark on village life. 

“Only gone when finally forgotten”

Local Musicians

Many artists from the past have had inspiration from local scenes. A selection of their work is here, plus

 Sculptures & Carvings

The buildings and features of the village that have been lost but can be seen in photos.

+ Local Authors  and   Characters

including: Beekeeping at Goldhanger


Estuary Activities

Salt extraction

Virtual Museum  &  Library

Many activities linked to the Estuary have influenced village life in the past. recent addition:

Past local flooding

Sea salt has been produced around the Blackwater Estuary an in this parish for centuries. That history has now been fully documented.

Exhibition of past items, and a library of literature associated with the village.      plus:

Signs & Posters


 Prospecting for Gold

The Great War

World War Two

In 1904 four villagers went  into the Artic Circle to seek gold. They were led by...

Ernest Mansfield

uncovering the story

19 Goldhanger men lost their lives in WW-1. Includes...

Zeppelin Busters

HMS Osea

Sinking of HMS Hawke

No lives were lost in the village in WW-2, but lots happened...

locals who served


VE-75 Celebrations


 Maps from the past

Interactive historical maps


Sixteen local maps showing the village over a period of 200 years from 1770 on.      plus:

Past aerial views

A map of the village with links to descriptions of the main features. Plus...

Surrounding area

Farms   Archaeology

and Ancient streams

An interactive map of the archaeology sites and finds around the village, the Creek and the Estuary.


Did you know about...

Natural History

The Maura Benham Book

Information about village life and many features from the past. 19-pages including:

Features in and around the village of special natural history interest affected by. . .

the Local climate

The complete text of the book published in 1977 about the history of the village and the Church.

  The Bus Shelter       new:  Village Hall History    

Go back in time...

Search this site with...

Local Videos

Over 250 events in village life from 500K BC to recently. Links to many webpages and:     the 2023 Coronation

A collection of 70+ videos relating to Goldhanger village, Osea Island and Millbeach, produced by the authors  and others.

Recent Village Scenes

Timeless Panoramic Scenes

Churchyard Trees and Views

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