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 Recent changes:

New in August  2019

Church tower open view – added to St Peters history  and  Bells of St Peters


A Study of St Peter’s Church Tower – its origins and history


Revised in Nov  2019

Recent memerable village events and Phil’s last appearances at The Chequers


New in Nov  2019

Residents who served in World War Two – 51 have been identified so far


New in Jan 2020

Characters – sadly three recent additions


Mick West – local professional guitarist, his biography and his music


Revised in Feb 2020

Sir Gilmour Jenkins – more images added


New in Feb 2020

Maud McMullen – and family


History of The Chequers Inn – a YouTube video


Revised in Apr 2020

Portraits  &  Characters  – Ian Valentine, local historian


New in May 2020

VE-75 celebration photos  –  45 scenes from around the village on May 8th


John Wilkin  –  biography of the Bounds Farm ‘Jam Maker’


Revised in May 2020

YouTube links  – 3 links to VE-75 related activities in the village added


Chequers.htm  – more stories and photos added


Virtual Library  – VE-75 booklet on WW-2 local records and reminiscences added


WW-2 & VE-75 – activities in the village added


Revised in June 2020

A History of Beckingham Hall  – major revision with more images


Beckingham Hall artwork – more ancient drawings added


Home page – a refreshed appearance


Revised in July 2020

Goldhanger related videos – links to 8 Osea Island historical videos added


School – 2 early maps and 2 final school photos from 1977 added


Virtual Museum – Milepost & Licence holder added


New in August 2020

Millbeach hotel video – added into The Barrow Marshes and YouTube links

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