Goldhanger related videos

a collection of local videos produced by a local historian and others

most, but not all, are on YouTube

created by the local historian - most recent added first...

videos created by others are...  further down this page>>

Now & Then

a comparison between early postcards

and today’s village scenes

BBC Essex Quest visits Goldhanger

an audio recording made of a visit to The Square on Sunday 4th March 2018.

Some still photos are added to the video


a short history of St Peter’s Church

based on a tour around and in the building

Goldhanger 2012 Jubilee Celebrations

Video clips from this memorable

village event



Goldhanger 2002 Jubilee Celebrations

Video clips from this memorable

 village event


Goldhanger 1977 Jubilee Celebrations

Video clips from this memorable

 village event

Beckingham Hall Gatehouse

a short history of this tudor structure

on the Goldhanger side of Tolleshunt Major

Zeppelins Busters over the Blackwater

In 1915 a "Flight Station" was built at Goldhanger close to the

 Blackwater Estuary

Osea Island Reminiscences Goldhanger residents in 1981. Clips from a 20 minute film made by Osea resident Andrew Gosling and shown at the time on BBC1. It has lost and not available in the BBC archive

Osea Island - images from the past

a pictoral history of Osea  - using postcards and historical documents of the early farm, the Charrington and

the HMS Osea periods


Ernest Mansfield

 Gold prospector extraordinaire

1862 – 1924. Gold prospector & author

 - a brief summary of his life

Ernest Mansfield

A YouTube “playlist” of 7 videos relating to Ernest Mansfield and his mining activities on Svalbard/Spitsbergen

Setting up the Ellacombe Chimes

at Goldhanger

Produced as part of the

Ellacombe Chimes support website


A "Method" on the Goldhanger

 Ellacombe Chimes

Demonstration of a "Method" on an Ellacombe Chimes. Produced as part of the Ellacombe Chimes support website

Goldhanger postcard scenes

A tour around the village of Goldhanger using scenes from early postcards

Goldhanger residents from the past

Images of residents from photographs taken between 1890 and 1930


Goldhanger Boys in 2013

Singing 1960 pop songs at a concert in

 the Village Hall


Goldhanger Boys sing for the

Queen's 90th birthday

"Goldhanger Boys" performing patriotic songs in Goldhanger Village Hall


Goldhanger history

An introduction to the

Goldhanger history website

Flowers in the Churchyard

A dedication to Kathryn Edwards

 née Kathryn Evans in 2014



created by others...


Goldhanger Village Hall

a promotional video developed by Jill Crooks

for the Village Hall Improvement Project

Queens Diamond Jubilee Firework Display

Firework display in the Creek to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee at Goldhanger

 in 2012. The video was produced by

Fireworks Crazy

Plans to include Essex in a

new Coast Path Scheme

A report by ITV News presenter Victoria Lampard on these plans, recorded on the seawall and broadcast in April 2017.

The village of Salcott-cum-Virley

Eustace King, former Goldhanger undertaker, and resident of Salcott-cum-Virley, talks about smuggling in the past.

Edith May “Bygones” with Jack Spitty

He was landlord of The Chequers at Goldhanger and skipper of barge Edith May, and appeared in this Anglia TV programme in 1972


A drone’s view of the Creek in 2016, with clos-up passes over the wreck of the barge “Snowdrop”

Goldhanger Creek, Heybridge, Essex


Drone views of the Creek in 2016

Essex Pub lunch - The Chequers Inn

A walk from the Chequers, into the Church, down to the Creek and back in 2014

Goldhanger, Essex, UK

Alan Heath took his motorhome to Goldhanger and toured the village in 2015. “Behind the church there are fine views of the Blackwater estuary

Folly Faunts House

Drone views of the house and grounds,

and surrounding terrain captured in 2015

A Walk in Goldhanger

LA based travel & gardening  writer and blogger, Kaye Kittrell and her friend “Fiona” visit “the ancient village of Goldhanger in Essex”. They walk on the seawall trail and visit the church -  in 2017

Oyster Farm

More scenes of the oyster beds near Goldhanger

in 2013

Oysters Farm Goldhanger

Scenes of the oyster beds near Goldhanger

in 2013



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