David Newman



1941                                          1949

Aldershot  and the Royal Garrison Church





1959                                          1963

Electronics apprentice                     Abingdon

AWRE, Aldermaston                       Berks




1965    Assistant Experimental Officer

Culham Laboratory, Abingdon


Computer Programmer at ESTec, 1966

ESRO (now ESA), Noordwijk, Holland



Marconi Radar, Chelmsford      1969

and moved to Goldhanger


1970      California driving Licence photo

while working for ESRO



1980            Civil Aviation Authority



Ford Motor Company             1990

Research Centre, Dunton



1994           Participated in BBC TV

"Antenna" on safety critical software



Chairman, Motor Industry        1997

Software Reliability Association (MISRA)



Retired and undertook

Goldhanger history assignments

with computer graphics creation

and bellringing



2012            Goldhanger in the past



Co-author of Ernest Mansfield's      2011

biography: Gold or I'm a Dutchman




2013 onwards


website developments +

Ellacombe Chiming & Bellringing



2010       started Local history presentations


Bakery Restoration     The Goldhanger Boys


2012  Queen Elizabeth Memorabilia Shop

developed Blackwater themed history talks

for other groups in the area


new WW-1 plaque       With Prince Charles

at the Purleigh Bell

2015        new Flight Station plaque

Parish magazine history articles started



Goldhanger Boys sing for the Queens 90th

Goldhanger in the Past book published



Local history videos added to YouTube


many additional pages added to the website

more Parish magazine articles & talks

prepared & presented the...

2018 Armistice celebration in the village Hall


prepared a booklet, a video

and recorded 40+ street scenes for...

VE-75 in May 2020



DWN artwork

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